How Many Craters Are On The Moon? (FYI It’s A Lot!)

The moon is one of the only celestial objects outside the Earth’s atmosphere that is clearly visible everyday, this is of course if clouds aren’t in the way. Therefore when it is a cloudless clear night we’re able to see shadowy crevices on its surface, aka its craters. As for how many craters are on … Read more

Schmidt-Cassegrain vs Maksutov-Cassegrain (The Differences!)

Compound telescope

There are a few different sub variations to a compound/catadioptric telescopes but the ones most modern systems use are the Schmidt-Cassegrain (SCT) and Maksutov-cassegrain (Mak) optics. The reason you’re here right now is likely so you can understand what separates the designs from each other and ultimately learn which optical variation will be better for … Read more

Which Planets Can Be Seen Without A Telescope?

This is a question that many individuals are curious about, I was too, and after doing a bit of research on the topic, it kind of surprised me how many planets can be seen without a telescope. Soallow me to answer that question for you below. Well, the short answer is that the majority of … Read more