Why Do Bigger Planets Have More Moons? (Explained!)

Why do bigger planets have more moons

Larger planets like Saturn or Jupiter have more moons than smaller planets due to 2 main reasons. This is because of the strength of their gravitational pull (Hill sphere) and the gravitational effects their parent star has over their domain. If these 2 are harmonious larger planets will almost always have more moons as the … Read more

Why Are Galaxies Flat? (Explained!?)

why are galaxies flat

Galaxies are flat because of their rotation. All of the stars, planets and other objects in a galaxy are rotating around the core of the said galaxy, and the conservation of angular momentum allows these objects to spread outward, but not any other direction, which is why they are flat.  There are a lot of … Read more

Kellner vs Plossl Eyepieces (Pros And Cons)

Both the Kellner and Plossl eyepieces have their pros and cons, with the Plossl winning out in quality while the Kellner is less expensive Telescopes aren’t as simple as they seem and actually have so many parts and pieces that it can be overwhelming for new sky watchers. One of the most important pieces of … Read more