Best Telescopes For Adult Beginners

Picking your first telescope can be quite the complex task, you’ve got to decide whether you want a compact and small device, a bigger more powerful device, a versatile scope that can deal with both astrophotography and visual viewing or even one that comes with a computerised mount. It’s a lot to take in when … Read more

9 Best Telescopes For Deep Space Viewing (2021)

Stars, galaxies and planets are some of the few extraterrestrial objects that can be seen outside our atmospheric bubble of Earth, not something that we could’ve hoped for in the past yet now with all the modern advancements in technology, telescope allow us to observe deep space objects and more, which honestly is pretty darn … Read more

11 Best Dobsonian Telescopes (2021)

Dobsonian (Dob) telescopes are often regarded as the best bang for the buck value devices out there so, it’s not surprising that whenever a beginner looks into telescopes most veterans almost always point towards devices that utilise this mount specifically. Dob telescopes come in all shapes and sizes, with a tabletop option being very popular … Read more

7 Best Cases For Telescopes (2021)

If you travel a lot, particularly on long plane journeys or train rides, having a case that comfortably stores your optical equipment is a must. That’s probably the reason why you’ve found yourself on this article right. Within this post I’ll be going over 7 of our best cases for telescopes so that the next … Read more

5 Best Power Tanks (Portable Batteries) For Telescopes (2021)

Powering your telescope and its mount can cost you a fortune in batteries and of course the waste generated as a result of only using batteries isn’t great either. That’s why if you’re serious about astronomy, you’ve probably already been told to look into an external power source. That’s probably also why you’ve found yourself … Read more