What Are Flat Field Eyepieces?

Focusing lens

Flat field eyepieces are designed to assist telescopes, primarily fast telescopes with focal ratios around f/4 or f/5, correct the curvature of the image that would be seen. In essence they make the visuals flatter and more pleasing for the user. That’s just the basic intended reason for flat field eyepieces. Of course I will … Read more

Orion AstroView 6 Equatorial Reflector Telescope Review (A Great Buy!?)

Orion AstroView 6 Review

Welcome to my Orion AstroView 6 Review! In this review I’ll cover the pros, cons and the AstroView 6’s features to ultimately help you decide whether it’s a beginner level telescope worth investing in or one that you should skip instead. Overview Full Name: Orion AstroView 6 Type: Newtonian reflector Aperture: 150mm (6″) Focal length: 750mm … Read more

Are Moons Always Smaller Than Planets?

You’ve found yourself here because you really want to know if moons are always smaller than planets right? Well the very quick answer to this is a definitive no, moons are not always smaller however, whenever a moon orbits a planet or other objects like asteroids, they are almost always smaller than the primary planet … Read more

11 Places Most Likely To Support Life In The Solar System

Have you ever wondered if our solar system has entities that could theoretically support life? If so then you’ve found yourself in the right place. Here we’ll be going over 11 places most likely to support life in our solar system so that you have just little general knowledge to maybe destroy in the next … Read more

How Are Dwarf Planets Different From Normal Planets?

Have you ever wondered exactly why the likes of Pluto, which was originally a part of the 9 main planets, was demoted to a dwarf planet or why specific asteroids like ceres were promoted upwards and become a dwarf planet. First of all you probably want to know how dwarf planets are different from normal … Read more

How Many Craters Does Venus Have?

Due to Venus’ thick atmosphere it isn’t easy to state the exact number of craters on the planets surface but, that does not mean Venus isn’t scattered with its fair share of impact craters, at least in regards to what we’ve been able to observe. In regards to the observed craters on Venus’ surfaces, astronomers … Read more

5 Best Power Tanks (Portable Batteries) For Telescopes (2021)

Powering your telescope and its mount can cost you a fortune in batteries and of course the waste generated as a result of only using batteries isn’t great either. That’s why if you’re serious about astronomy, you’ve probably already been told to look into an external power source. That’s probably also why you’ve found yourself … Read more