What Is A Kellner Eyepiece? (Explained!)

The Kellner eyepiece was designed in 1849 and has been a mainstay in the optics market ever since. It is considered to be the best of the beginner lenses. If you’re new to telescopes and want to bring stargazing into your hobby umbrella, you can’t do much better than to start with a Kellner. A … Read more

What Is An Orthoscopic Eyepiece (Explained!)

The orthoscopic eyepiece has been around for quite some time, as it was originally patented in 1880 by Ernst Abbe. It’s not the “go-to” choice amongst eyepieces anymore, either with microscopes or telescopes, however, it’s been on a sort of “come-back” role in recent years. An orthoscopic eyepiece is a lens that is used primarily … Read more

Kellner vs Plossl Eyepieces (Pros And Cons)

Both the Kellner and Plossl eyepieces have their pros and cons, with the Plossl winning out in quality while the Kellner is less expensive Telescopes aren’t as simple as they seem and actually have so many parts and pieces that it can be overwhelming for new sky watchers. One of the most important pieces of … Read more

What Is A Reticle Eyepiece? (Explained!?)

A reticle is a grid or pattern of fine lines built into the focal plane of an eyepiece lens for optical tools and instruments. The reticle eyepiece enables viewers to obtain measurement references or pinpoint objects observed through telescopic sights, optical microscopes, firearm sights etc… In modern devices, a digital image superimposed on a screen or eyepiece may … Read more

What Is A Ramsden Eyepiece? (The Pros And Cons)

A Ramsden eyepiece is the simplest example of an eyepiece for a high quality optical instrument, containing two identical plano-convex lenses. The Ramsden eyepiece is one of several eyepiece options when a single simple magnifying lens is inadequate due to aberrations. It  is particularly common in instruments which have a scale or micrometer wires. If … Read more

What Is a Huygens Eyepiece?(Explained!)

Huygens eyepieces are used for magnification in optical devices, such as telescopes and microscopes. These eyepieces consist of two planoconvex lenses separated a short distance in the eyepiece, enhancing images using only white lights. For more information regarding Huygens eyepieces, such as how they work, where they come from, and the pros and cons to … Read more

What is An Aspheric Eyepiece? (Explained!)

Unlike traditional lenses, an aspheric eyepiece does not have a spherical surface. This non-spherical surface is able to correct aberrations, often leading to more improved and cheap optical results. Aspheric eyepieces are often used in glasses, telescopes, and other optical objects as a result. Whether you are a fan of telescopes or need eyeglasses yourself, … Read more

5 Best Eyepieces For Fast Telescopes (2024)

Fast telescopes are great for a multitude of things whether capturing brighter astrophotography quickly or viewing the wider expanse of outerspace but, choosing the eyepieces that compliment this faster nature of your telescope can be a little tricky. So, if you’re looking for a solution to this problem, this article will go over 5 of … Read more