Are Moons Always Tidally Locked? (Not Really But…)

If you’re as curious as I am I’m sure you’ve fallen into quite the few rabbit holes looking into the nature of planets, moons in our solar system and the vast universe as a whole, occasionally asking yourself interesting questions like whether there plastic based planets in the universe, if planets can actually rain fire … Read more

Is Mercury Tidally Locked?

If you’ve looked even slightly into what tidal locking is you’d probably be well aware that our moon is tidally locked to Earth, which in simple terms means we only see one side of the Moon’s face at all times. It’s often believed that due to Mercury’s relatively close proximity to the Sun, it would … Read more

Schmidt-Cassegrain Vs Reflector Telescopes – The Main Differences

As someone getting into telescopes, you’re bound to have come across a variety of different words attached to these devices, like apochromatic refractor, ritchey-chretien, maksutov-cassegrain, newtonian reflector and so on. In that sense I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re completely lost in regards to what device you should pick up right? In this article, I’ll … Read more

Is It Okay To Store Your Telescope Outside?

If you’re just getting into astronomy and are thinking of investing in large telescopes if you don’t already have one that are, I’m sure you’ve atleast given a bit of thought about leaving your device outside, on a patio for examples to save space and time right but, you also don’t really want to make … Read more

What Are Flat Field Eyepieces?

Focusing lens

Flat field eyepieces are designed to assist telescopes, primarily fast telescopes with focal ratios around f/4 or f/5, correct the curvature of the image that would be seen. In essence they make the visuals flatter and more pleasing for the user. That’s just the basic intended reason for flat field eyepieces. Of course I will … Read more