What Is An Interstellar Cloud? (EXPLAINED!)

The term “interstellar” literally means between the stars and describes the regions of space between solar systems. These areas contain sparse collections of gas, dust, and plasma. Interstellar clouds are the areas where this space material is more highly concentrated and the place where many stars are born. Continue reading to explore interstellar clouds, how … Read more

What Is Gravity Darkening? (Explained In Detail!)

Gravity darkening is an astrological phenomenon where a star’s poles are brighter than its equator. This is caused by the speed of the rotation and the star’s oblate shape, which pushes the equator further from the star’s core, creating a lower pressure and temperature. When this happens, the region dims in a phenomenon known as … Read more

Cosmic Rays vs Gamma Rays (How Are They Different?)

Cosmic rays are high-energy particles that originate from outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Many consist of a single proton and interact with our atmosphere to become air showers. Gamma rays are the radiation from the shortest wavelength on the magnetic spectrum, which can originate both on and outside Earth. Discover where cosmic rays originate and how … Read more

What Shape Is The Universe? (Explained!)

There is no conclusive way for scientists to determine the shape of our universe. Still, most current research suggests that we live in a flat universe, which can expand in every direction without experiencing a positive or negative curvature.  Continue reading to discover why recent data suggests our universe could be curved and the impact … Read more