Do Black Holes Last Forever? (Explained!)

Black holes are one of the greatest mysteries in the universe, sucking anything close by into their massive gravitational pull. But nothing lasts forever, and even black holes die one day. As Hawking radiation escapes the event horizon of these entities, they evaporate a little bit, and so begins a prolonged death. Black holes are … Read more

White Hole Vs Black Hole – The Main Differences

The difference between a white hole and a black hole is the direction space-time is flowing. Space-time flow towards a black hole’s event horizon, whereas space-time flow away from a white hole’s event horizon.  Since the two entities are opposite and opposing, you might think that if the two collided, they would cancel each other … Read more

Black Hole vs Wormhole – How Are They Different?

The main difference between a black hole and a wormhole is where they physically end. Black holes come to a point of extreme density called a singularity from which nothing can escape – not even wavelengths of light. A wormhole has two open ends which hypothetically connect two different points in time and space. If … Read more