Venus vs Pluto (How Are They Different?

The main differences between Venus and Pluto is that Venus is the hottest and brightest planet in our solar system, Pluto has 5 moons whilst Venus has 0, Pluto is a dwarf planet whilst Venus is a normal planet, It takes Pluto 157 hours to complete a day whilst Venus does so in 243 days … Read more

Why Does Venus Rotate So Slowly? (Explained!)

One day on Venus is equal to around 243 Earth days! That’s longer than its year, which is only 225 Earth days. This slow rotation has baffled scientists for decades, though there are some theories as to what may be the cause of this phenomenon. One is the planet’s extremely dense atmosphere; the other is … Read more

Is Venus Tidally Locked? (Explained!)


When a celestial body is tidally locked to another, the time it takes to rotate around that other body is equal to the time it takes to rotate once upon its own axis. In other words, a day and an entire year are equal in length. This phenomenon is caused by gravitational forces. A good … Read more

How Many Craters Does Venus Have?

Due to Venus’ thick atmosphere it isn’t easy to state the exact number of craters on the planets surface but, that does not mean Venus isn’t scattered with its fair share of impact craters, at least in regards to what we’ve been able to observe. In regards to the observed craters on Venus’ surfaces, astronomers … Read more