Could Jupiter Become A Star? (Only If…!?)

Jupiter cannot become a star independently because it currently lacks sufficient mass. However, if Jupiter were to accrue enough mass by means of other objects colliding with it, it has the potential to become one.  How Would Jupiter Become A Star? A star is defined as something with enough mass that the gravitational pressure of … Read more

Do Gas Giants Have A Solid Core?(Answered!)

All known gas giants, like Jupiter and Saturn, have solid cores. These cores are either rocky or metallic, and aren’t completely solid throughout, with some of the core being comprised of molten metal and rock. It’s hard to imagine that the most massive things in our solar system besides the Sun could be made of something … Read more

Is Europa Tidally Locked?(Explained!)

Europa is the sixth Moon of Jupiter. It orbits the planet once every three and a half earth days and is tidally locked, meaning that it always faces Jupiter on the same side. Continue reading to explore why Europa is tidally locked and the effects this has on both it and the planet Jupiter. The … Read more

Is Jupiter Tidally Locked?(Explained!)

Jupiter is not tidally locked to the sun, any of its own moons, or any other planet. Jupiter’s distance from the Sun and other planets, combined with its enormous size, prevents it from becoming tidally locked. That being said, all of Jupiter’s major moons are tidally locked to Jupiter, but not the other way around.  … Read more

Can Jupiter Support Life?(Explained!)

You might be wondering, “Can Jupiter support life?” The short answer is, unfortunately, no. This gas giant cannot, nor has it ever, supported life, at least life as we know it. Let’s take a look at the king planet of our solar system and find out why. Why Can’t Jupiter Support Life? Jupiter cannot support … Read more