Supernova vs White Hole (How Are They Different?)

Supernovas and white holes are two of the most exciting phenomena in our universe, but the latter’s existence is only theoretical. Scientists have observed several supernova explosions, the brightest ones in the universe, but they have yet to observe any signs of a white hole. Continue reading to discover each of these entities and how … Read more

Quasar vs Supernova (How Are They Different?)

The main difference between quasars and supernova explosions are that quasars are extremely bright light particles that surround supermassive black holes whilst supernovae occur when a large star collapses into itself and explodes in a short lived but grand explosion eclipsing even its entire galaxy in luminosity. Both entities are similar in the sense they … Read more

Supernova vs Hypernova (How Are They Different?)

Both hypernova and supernova explosions occur once nuclear fusion is unable to convert hydrogen into helium, forcing stars to collapse and produce these bright grandiose showcases. The main difference between a supernova and hypernova is that hypernova’s tend to be 5 – 50 times more powerful, caused when a star 30+ solar masses explodes and … Read more