How To See Neptune With A Telescope (A Basic Guide!)

Neptune the planet

If you’ve found yourself on this article, you probably want to learn how you can see Uranus with a telescope and well, that’s exactly what we’ll teaching on this article so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will simply go over the steps necessary in order to hopefully see Neptune with any telescopic … Read more

How To See Saturn With A Telescope


Saturn is one of the largest planets in our solar systems, the 6th planet orbiting the sun and is most well known for the rings orbiting it. Of course the main reason you’re here is to learn how you can see Saturn with a telescope and despite it’s distance from Earth, with  the right equipment … Read more

How To Collimate A Telescope

Telescope mirrors diagram

Collimation of a telescope is something you’ll need to do on a regular basis, especially with reflection optics, namely the Newtonian reflector. These types of telescopes are actually a lot easier to collimate than the information on it it would lead you to believe. Collimation is simply put the process of realigning the mirrors within … Read more