Titan vs Ganymede (How Are These Moons Different?)

The main differences between Titan and Ganymede include the fact that Ganymede is the largest moon whilst Titan is 2nd, Ganymede has an observable magnetic field whilst Titan does not, Titan has an atmosphere around 1.19 times thicker than Earth’s whilst Ganymede’s atmosphere is non-existent in comparison and Titan has a water cycle similar to … Read more

Ganymede vs The Moon (How Are They Different?)

The main differences between the Moon and Ganymede would be that the Moon orbits Earth whilst Ganymede orbits Jupiter, Ganymede is the biggest Moon in our solar system with a diameter of 5,269km whilst the Moon is 5th with a diameter of 3474.8km and Ganymede has an observable magnetosphere whilst the Moon does not. There … Read more

Ganymede vs Mercury (How Are They Different?)

The main differences between Ganymede and Mercury would be that Mercury is an officially recognized planet and is the smallest of the 8 planets whilst Ganymede is the biggest moon in our solar system and larger than Mercury. Nevertheless, Mercury’s density is twice that of Ganymede, meaning it has twice the mass of the natural … Read more

Europa vs Ganymede (How Are They Different?)

Europa and Ganymede are two Galilean moons (alongside Io and Callisto) that were discovered by Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei in the 17th century. Both of these moons possess unique qualities that fascinate scientists and astronomers alike. Discover the reasons why Europa and Ganymede are so interesting, which could be home to extraterrestrial life, plus the … Read more