Saturn vs Neptune (How Do They Differ?)

The main differences between Saturn and Neptune is that Saturn is the second largest planet whilst Neptune ranks as 4th in the solar system, Saturn is pale yellow in color whilst Neptune is deep blue, Saturn is a gas giant whilst Neptune would be regarded as an ice giant and Saturn has 82 moons orbiting … Read more

How Dense Are Saturn’s Rings? (Explained!)

Thanks to its gigantic size and unique ring formations, Saturn is the most recognizable planet in our solar system. While the rings appear flat and smooth, we now know that they are collections of rocks and ice balls that range in thickness from 10 meters to 1km. This may sound like a lot, but it … Read more

What Is The Flattest Planet? (Answered!)

Saturn is the flattest planet in our solar system, with an equatorial diameter 10.7% thicker than its polar diameter. Outside our solar system, the dwarf planet Haumea is flatter still, with an equatorial diameter along its long axis double the size of its shortest axis. While all planets are roughly spherical by definition, relative flatness varies … Read more

Do Gas Giants Have A Solid Core?(Answered!)

All known gas giants, like Jupiter and Saturn, have solid cores. These cores are either rocky or metallic, and aren’t completely solid throughout, with some of the core being comprised of molten metal and rock. It’s hard to imagine that the most massive things in our solar system besides the Sun could be made of something … Read more

Can Saturn Support Life? (No But…)

Is there life “out there?” Could there be life on another planet in our own solar system? Could Saturn support life? What would life need to survive? To determine whether a planet is habitable, you must first define “life” and specify the conditions necessary to sustain it (or at least the life we know of … Read more

How To See Saturn With A Telescope


Saturn is one of the largest planets in our solar systems, the 6th planet orbiting the sun and is most well known for the rings orbiting it. Of course the main reason you’re here is to learn how you can see Saturn with a telescope and despite it’s distance from Earth, with  the right equipment … Read more