What Is An Orthoscopic Eyepiece (Explained!)

The orthoscopic eyepiece has been around for quite some time, as it was originally patented in 1880 by Ernst Abbe. It’s not the “go-to” choice amongst eyepieces anymore, either with microscopes or telescopes, however, it’s been on a sort of “come-back” role in recent years. An orthoscopic eyepiece is a lens that is used primarily … Read more

Why Are Galaxies So Far Apart? (Explained!)

Space, time, and distance are far more complicated than we imagine unless, of course, you’re a scientist who makes these calculations and understandings a part of their daily life. Suffice it to say, the Big Bang has more secrets behind its inception than even the greatest minds can fathom. The reason that the galaxies are … Read more

Barred vs Unbarred Spiral Galaxies (The Differences!)

Scientists use four terms to differentiate the different types of galaxies: spiral galaxies, barred spiral galaxies, elliptical galaxies, and irregular galaxies. This article assesses the similarities and differences of the barred spiral galaxy vs. an unbarred spiral galaxy. The main difference between a barred spiral and unbarred spiral galaxy is the large bar that runs … Read more

Why Do Jovian Planets Have Rings? (Explained!)

The Jovian planets are comprised of four planets, all gas giants, and all with a far higher gravitational force than that of Earth. Outside of their gigantic size, the Jovian planets are also known for their many moons, along with their rings; none more breathtaking and visible than the rings of Saturn. Jovian Planets all … Read more

How Dense Are Saturn’s Rings? (Explained!)

Thanks to its gigantic size and unique ring formations, Saturn is the most recognizable planet in our solar system. While the rings appear flat and smooth, we now know that they are collections of rocks and ice balls that range in thickness from 10 meters to 1km. This may sound like a lot, but it … Read more