Is Asia Bigger Than Mars? (Answered!)

Asia may be the largest continent on Earth with a surface area of 44.58 million square kilometers, a cubic volume of 2.78 billion cubic kilometeres and a diameter roughly double that of Mars at 11,000 km however, Mars still aboslutely dwarfs it as it is a speherical shape with a diameter of 6,779km but, a … Read more

Why Do Stars Become Red Giants? (Explained!)

Stars are the most abundant objects in the Universe. The stars that become red giants are those that have used up their nuclear fuel and are now burning helium; this process is called “helium flash.” Learn how red giants form and why scientists use this terminology. Discover why our Sun will one day become a … Read more

Titan v Triton (How Are They Different?)

The main differences between Titan and Triton is that Titan is the 2nd largest moon with a diameter of 5,150km whilst Triton is the 7th largest moon with a diameter of 2,706km, Titan orbits Saturn whilst Triton orbits Neptune, Triton’s orbit is in a retrograde motion (opposite direction) whilst Titan has a normal orbital motion … Read more

Why Is Jupiter Denser Than Saturn? (Explained!)

A planet’s density is the ratio of its mass to its volume. The denser a planet is, the more closely packed together all of its particles are. Jupiter is denser than Saturn because its gravitational pull is more substantial, and it has more mass than Saturn. Continue reading to discover why Jupiter is so much … Read more