Is India Bigger Than Mercury? (ANSWERED!)

India has a surface area of 3.28 million sq. kilometers and a volume of 154.5 million cubic kilometers while Mercury is the smallest planet but a spherical entity with a surface area of 74.79 million sq. kilometers and a volume of 60.8 billion cubic kilometers. Therefore, it only makes sense that a planet would be bigger … Read more

Saturn vs Titan (How Are They Different?)

The main differences between Saturn and Titan are that Saturn is the gas giant that Titan orbits whilst Titan is Saturn’s biggest moon and the second biggest in our solar system. Their general composition is very different where Titan has a water cycle similar to Earth whereas Saturn is a gas giant comprised mostly of … Read more

Sun vs Mars (How Are They Different?)

The main differences between the Sun and Mars is that the Sun is a main sequence yellow dwarf star that is able to produce energy via nuclear fusion, is extremely bright and is roughly 1.39 million km in size whereas Mars is the 4th farthest planet from the Sun, that is 6,779km in diameter, is … Read more