11 Best Dobsonian Telescopes (2021)

Dobsonian (Dob) telescopes are often regarded as the best bang for the buck value devices out there so, it’s not surprising that whenever a beginner looks into telescopes most veterans almost always point towards devices that utilise this mount specifically. Dob telescopes come in all shapes and sizes, with a tabletop option being very popular … Read more

Can Saturn Support Life? (No But…)

Is there life “out there?” Could there be life on another planet in our own solar system? Could Saturn support life? What would life need to survive? To determine whether a planet is habitable, you must first define “life” and specify the conditions necessary to sustain it (or at least the life we know of … Read more

Can Jupiter Support Life?

You might be wondering, “Can Jupiter support life?” The short answer is, unfortunately, no. This gas giant cannot, nor has it ever, supported life, at least life as we know it. Let’s take a look at the king planet of our solar system and find out why. Why Can’t Jupiter Support Life? Jupiter cannot support … Read more

7 Best Cases For Telescopes (2021)

If you travel a lot, particularly on long plane journeys or train rides, having a case that comfortably stores your optical equipment is a must. That’s probably the reason why you’ve found yourself on this article right. Within this post I’ll be going over 7 of our best cases for telescopes so that the next … Read more

Are Moons Always Tidally Locked? (Not Really But…)

If you’re as curious as I am I’m sure you’ve fallen into quite the few rabbit holes looking into the nature of planets, moons in our solar system and the vast universe as a whole, occasionally asking yourself interesting questions like whether there plastic based planets in the universe, if planets can actually rain fire … Read more

Is Mercury Tidally Locked?

If you’ve looked even slightly into what tidal locking is you’d probably be well aware that our moon is tidally locked to Earth, which in simple terms means we only see one side of the Moon’s face at all times. It’s often believed that due to Mercury’s relatively close proximity to the Sun, it would … Read more

Schmidt-Cassegrain Vs Reflector Telescopes – The Main Differences

As someone getting into telescopes, you’re bound to have come across a variety of different words attached to these devices, like apochromatic refractor, ritchey-chretien, maksutov-cassegrain, newtonian reflector and so on. In that sense I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re completely lost in regards to what device you should pick up right? In this article, I’ll … Read more

Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop Review

Orion goscope 80mm TableTop

Welcome to my Orion GoScope 80mm TableTop review! If you’re in the market for an entry level telescope, the Orion GoScope 80mm is probably one that’s popped up on your radar, which is also the main reason why you’ve found yourself on the review. This review on the Orion GoScope 80mm will cover all the core features … Read more