The Moon vs Triton (How Are They Differenrt

The main differences between the Moon and Triton is that the Moon orbits Earth whilst Triton orbits Neptune, Neptune orbits in a retrograde motion whilst the Moon in the normal counterclockwise motion and the Moon is bigger with a diameter of 3,474.8km whilst Triton’s diameter is 2,706km. There are various other differences between the two … Read more

Europa vs Triton (How Are They Different?)

The main differences between Europa and Triton are that Europa is Jupiter’s moon whilst Triton is Neptune’s, Triton orbits in a retrograde motion whilst Europa orbits in the normal counterclockwise direction, Europa has a potential frozen water ocean on its surface and Triton is volcanically active whilst Europa isn’t.  There are numerous other differences between … Read more

Is China Bigger Than Mercury? (Answered!)

China is the third largest country on Earth, whilst Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system. Still, there’s no comparison regarding which one is bigger as China is a flat land mass with a surface area of 9.7 million square kilometers and a volume of 462.5 million cubic kilometers while Mercury is a … Read more

Is USA Bigger Than Ganymede? (Answered!)

USA is the fourth largest country on Earth, while Ganymede is the largest moon in our Solar System. Ganymede has a surface area of 87.2 million sq. km whilst the United States is far lesser at 9.83 million sq. km. In regards to volume, USA’s is 393.4 million cubic km whereas Ganymede’s is 76.6 billion cubic … Read more

What Is Gravity Darkening? (Explained In Detail!)

Gravity darkening is an astrological phenomenon where a star’s poles are brighter than its equator. This is caused by the speed of the rotation and the star’s oblate shape, which pushes the equator further from the star’s core, creating a lower pressure and temperature. When this happens, the region dims in a phenomenon known as … Read more

Callisto vs Triton (How Do These Moons Differ?)

The main differences between Callisto and Triton are that Callisto is bigger with a diameter of 4,280.6km whilst Triton’s diameter is 2,706km, Callisto is amongst the most cratered moons in the solar system, Triton orbit Neptune whilst Callisto orbits Jupiter and Triton orbits Neptune in a retrograde motion whilst Callisto’s orbital motion is counterclockwise like … Read more